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     The name “The Low Budget Men” was inspired

               by the album of  the  Kinks  entitled

              “Low Budget”, the originality of the

                    group  being their cause, to  save lives,

                         by raising  funds to finance the

                            purchase  of defibrillators  via  the

                              association    20000  Vies    .

                                The guitarist singer/Cardiologist

                             Claude Mariottini whose passion 

                          is music,  is accompanied in the group

                          by Stéphane Mirc - Bass Guitar,  

                           Marc Piola Caselli - Lead Guitar

                              Eric Chabaud - Drums , and 

                                Doreen Chanter - Backing Singer  

                               ( Doreen has previously sung with

                             Joe Cocker,  Van Morrisson , Meat Loaf  

                           Bryan Ferry …). The Low Budget Men

                          recently released their first  album

                      “Crossing Lives”.The proceeds from the

                    sale  of the CD going entirely towards the

                   purchase of defibrillators and to finance

                  training courses for  the general

                 public relating to life saving actions .

Picture by Jean-Louis Lipari

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