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Les Estivales 2023
                                      07 July  : Mandelieu            :21h00
                                      15 July  : Cipières                :21h00
                                      26 July  : Drap                     :21h00

La Fête du port Nice
                                      08 June 2019
                                      Quai Infernet :     18h10
Les Estivales 2019
                                      05 July  : Grave de Peille :21h00
                                      17 July  : Coursegoules    :21h00
                                      25 July  : Valberg             :21h00
                                      01 Aout : Gattieres             :21h00
                                      02 Aout : Valbonne             :21h00
                   La Fête du port Nice
                   09 June 2018
                    Les Estivales 2018
                    13 July : St André de la roche 
                    17 July : Contes
                    27 July : Biot 

                   30 Mars  2018 Le Rex de Toulouse




     JULY  01 st 2017
     Fête du port Cannes

 SUMMER 2017

Mirror Games album is coming soon and will be available in june.

10 new songs from the band recorded by Eric Chabaud at

T.c.h.a.b Studio / Nice, mixed by Paul Casey in Derry, Ireland

Many gigs are planned ( see tour dates page ) 

On June 23 rd, in Paris, special charity night by the Seine River,

on the " Diamant Bleu" boat. ​

Tickets can be booked here !

see you  ! 

     MAI  20 th  2017
     Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
     Jully 14 th  2016
     Live La Prom'Party
     JUNE 08 th  2016
     Live Acropolis Center 18h00
     May 14 th  2016
     Le SPARTACUS Gala de boxe K-1 Rules parrainé par
      Jean-Marc Mormeck et Nicolas Wamba .
      Théatre de Verdure  Nice 19H00 .
     March 11th  2016
     Concert +photo exhibit - La Gaude cinéma la Coupole
      19h00 + guest Paul Casey.
           New Vidéo  2015
           Mirror Games   Live 100 Club London 31.08.15



31 August 2015

31 st ............    London ,  The 100 CLUB ,      

100 Oxford Street , 7 PM .

+ Guest  Doreen Chanter , Paul Casey .

28 August 2015

Nice Prom' Party .







15 july 2015  
Nice Music Live  Festival  Théâtre de Verdure
Support concert for Selah Sue  






       20 june 2015

20 june 2015

20 th ............ St Jean Cap Ferrat  Théâtre de la Mer     + Guest

Paul Casey & Doreen Chanter

25 june 2015

25 th ............ Nice , Théâtre de Verdure

+ Guest Paul Casey & Doreen Chanter

New Teaser 2015

April 2015




The group The Low Budget Men are preparing their second album “Mirror Games” which will be recorded in autumn 2015.  

The album will be recorded with the collaboration of Irish Guitarist,

Paul Casey, great friend of the group and member of the

"Low Budget" family.


There will be around 10 concerts on the French Riviera from April to August 2015

with London being one of the most important                       

destinations of the group’s summer tour,                                                            concert taking place on 31st August at the legendary

“100 Club”, 100 Oxford Street.



The year 2015 begins with the collaboration and support of the

“CNP Assurances Foundation” allowing the association 20 000 Vies to develop by offering their financial aid for the music events of the group The Low Budget Men

and their assistance with the logistic organization of training schemes

relating to life-saving techniques.

The Association 20 000 Vies

and the group The Low Budget Men offer

their sincere thanksto the CNP Assurances Foundation for their precious help.








                          The Low Budget Men, the Association 20 000 vies 

                          with  Cardiostim 2014  present



On the 18th and 19th June, the Association 20 000 Vies, the Town of Nice with the help of the organisers of the « Cardiostim 2014 » Cardiology Congress are offering a training program teaching emergency life-saving techniques and the diffusion of defibrillators in the town of Nice where the Congress is being held.


An Awareness and Training Day relating to emergency life-saving techniques will be held in Place Garibaldi on 18th June from 2pm.  There will be training demonstrations for the General Public, for children also, to enable them to learn these life-saving techniques from an early age.


On the 19th June a concert by The Low Budget Men will take place at the Théâtre de Verdure, Nice in order to raise funds to finance the purchase of defibrillators, assist with the training of the general public and also to finance, in association with 20 000 Vies, a research grant relating to cardiac rhythm disease.



The group were voted “Indie Artist of the Year 2012”



The album « CROSSING LIVES » is being played on all BRITISH AIRWAYS  long haul international flights since OCTOBER 2012 

and will be onboard AIR FRANCE flights from 1ST MAY 2013. ​



created with FABRICE MUAMBA of Bolton Wanderers Football Club.


Fabrice Muamba collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest

during a match last year and was extremely fortunate to benefit from immediate medical assistance which allowed him to survive.


ARRHYTHMIA ALLIANCE and  20 000 VIES aim to place                     Automated     External Defibrillators in all public places.​
Hearts & Goals website :​
(See photos and article about 20 000 Vies on the “Gallery”

and  “Events” page)


Arrhythmia Alliance (Heart Rhythm Charity) website  :​ 





Tracks from the album « Crossing Lives » recently played on

different shows on the following radios :​
UK :     

Thanks to :​
- BBC Radio Merseyside  : Maureen Walsh​
- Preston 103.2FM   : Mike Allen and Dave Gilson​
- Radio Gets Wild   : Dave Shirt, DJ Smersh, Dee Chapman​
- Hermitage 99.2FM​
- Liver Radio    : Bob Jackson​
- 94.4 FM Salford City Radio : Bob Osborne​

                                                     … / …


- Big City Radio 89.1FM  : John Taylor​
- Lush Radio - (Leicester University Student Radio)​
- Xpression FM 87.7 – (Exeter University Student Radio)​
- France :​
- Riviera Radio 106.5FM  : Rob Harrison
- Corsica :​
- Alta Frequenza   : Anto​
- Spain :​
- Central FM 98.6   : Tony Keys



Bob Osborne (Salford UK) included « Crossing Dreams » and

« Shining Star » to his Podcast 
















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